Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life Pro: Mike Huckabee

My Ego doesn't want to get too political, but read this and found it way too funny not to quote in the 'ol blog.

The candidate who not-so-subtly has a white Cross behind him in his latest Iowa Christmas TV commercial, had this to say in the news today:

"The difference between us is that I did something he never had to do. I carried out the death penalty 16 times, more than any other governor in my state's history," Huckabee told reporters in Los Angeles before attending a Beverly Hills fundraiser. "That's hardly soft on crime when you make that tough decision and actually carry it out."

Ok, just to make sure My Ego has this right. The GOP candidate, famous for his Christian values, is ENTHUSIASTICALLY PROUD of the number of PEOPLE HE HAS KILLED.

My GOD Jesus would be SO PROUD of you, Mike! Kill a few million more, and you might be ordained a Saint one day!



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