Sunday, March 2, 2008

Osama-Jewberg '08

Dearest Readers of My Ego-

My Ego has returned to cast stones into the media ocean. Duck!

Tonight's topic is what My Ego believes to be the most logical next step for the Obama camp; a move so unexpected and daring, it will surely be the final stage towards the End of Man.

Thanks to the cunning sarcasm of one of My Ego's most trusted sources, Jack Chester, we have a name for the ensuing phenomena:


That's right folks. Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg will team up to destroy the world. And by destroy, My Ego means "create." And by create, we mean: Creastroy. His-story has come full circle: the black man re-unites with the Jew to rule the world.

How will it all go down, you (I) ask? Folks, its all underway. Just last week, Bloomberg was dropping hints for what's to come, just read carefully. Hillary is the perfect pawn, set on the verge of single-handedly destroying the Democratic party with her never-ending need for power.

The announcement will arrive on Wednesday, March 5th, soon after Obama crushes Clinton in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Just when it seems the Democratic party is ready to unite behind their chosen leader in Obama, Hillary will clench tighter, fighting the Truth with more lies and double-spoken attacks, forcing the Florida and Michigan delegates to pony up. Just when it seems all hope is lost, the big announcement will be made...

Obama will hand Clinton the Democratic ticket, simply hand it to her with grace and charm to the amazement of all. He will then announce the big move--he's leaving the Democratic race to run as an Independent with Bloomberg.


So much for America to hate, you've got to love em.


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