Sunday, March 30, 2008

With All Due Respect...

I think you're a fucking idiot.


Friday, March 21, 2008

The Race to Hate

Ah yes, friends. It's getting ugly. Long dormant, yet now only beginning to show its face, the long history of racism in America is beginning to shine through the cracks of ignorance that hold this country together.

As the cracks begin to grow wider, the question is starting to nag My Ego: where is all this heading? At what point does hate become violence?

My Ego has yet to hear of this in the media, so why not throw it out there...


Think about it... or, just comb the internet and read comments on YouTube. My Ego has always been aware of how ignorant, unintelligent, and downright arrogant our culture can be, but little has My Ego been aware of the amount of raw HATE exists out there. Suppose that makes My Ego ignorant, eh?

It never ceases to amaze My Ego how quickly people can fall off the logic cliff into the scathing, pre-rational quagmire of hate that is only just beginning to now bubble up. It is clear that there is no way this hate will 'allow' Obama to take the presidency. Whether it's Hillary stealing the superdelegates at the convention, or, dare I say, assassination...

Whatever the scenario they take him out with looks like, we're really going to see just how much hate is out there.

Time to get a gun...


Friday, March 14, 2008

Dear Dad,

On Mar 14, 2008, at 6:05 PM, wrote:

Have you ever listened to Rove? He is brilliant. May not agree with his tactics but be is smart. Why are you in debt? Because of "my" small business adminstration? How did I do that? I guess I must have co-signed the note you took or whatever you are talking about. South Africa has become a peaceful, prosperous place since Mandela took over and since. It's amazing to me that we live in the most powerful, non threatening, prosperous, free-est and generous country known to civilization and you never have one good thing to say about it. France IS nice this time of year.

And My Ego responded:

Rove is indeed smart, very smart. And I'll bet Hitler was even smarter than Rove... I mean, a mere 655k? To kill 6 million, you've got to be top notch genius.

Why am I in debt?

Its called the three trillion dollar war; 3 trillion adds up to over 30k, per american. It's an admin you voted for (twice), and a war you supported up till about 6 months ago. So, in my estimation, that makes you, however insignificantly, responsible. This is the gov't of the people, right? This person didn't vote for either, and my position on it hasn't budged since.

Mandela... a black man, who questions implications of the arrogant actions of the US, CAN create a lasting, peaceful country? Sounds like Obama should be your top choice.

To call us the most powerful, yet to also to know that we could be crushed at any second if China and Saudi Arabia were to cash in our debts? And a military so stretched, when we have a disaster in our own country, we don't even have the ground troops to send in for help? How powerful are we really? Do you really want to find out? I certainly don't.

Non-threatening? You simply can not be serious. We are the threat machine! We declare the Axis of Evil, we sanction and threat to remove sanction, our entire foreign policy is based on threats, lies, and distortion, and we're non-threatening? By the way did you see the state dept just (after 6 years) made the official announcement that there were no ties between Iraq and Al Queda, therefore 9/11? No weapons, no ties. All threats.

Prosperous. Sorry to say this, but... the US has a total debt of $53 Trillion, and the highest debt ratio in history. That's $175,154 per man, woman and child - - or $700,616 per family of 4, $33,781 more debt per family than last year. Last year total debt increased $4.3 Trillion, 5.5 times more than GDP. External debt owed foreign interests increased $2.2 Trillion; Household, business and financial sector debt soared 7-11%.

And, the above does not include un-funded pensions and medical promises. This is prosperity?

Ok, now, we're the freest. We're free-er then Holland? We're free-er than Canada? We're freer than Sweden? This email is being recorded, and we're free??

And finally, I don't have one good thing to say about America. Here's what I love about this country, and love till then end:

I love the constitution. I love the separation of church and state. I love the diversity. I love the incredible land and environment. I love the balance of powers. I love the Bill of Rights. I love the right to free speech. I love the right to privacy.


And no matter what, please don't forget that I LOVE YOU AND MOM MORE. Please know that, just because you can't beat me in a political argument, I still love you more than any thing. : )


Sunday, March 2, 2008

Osama-Jewberg '08

Dearest Readers of My Ego-

My Ego has returned to cast stones into the media ocean. Duck!

Tonight's topic is what My Ego believes to be the most logical next step for the Obama camp; a move so unexpected and daring, it will surely be the final stage towards the End of Man.

Thanks to the cunning sarcasm of one of My Ego's most trusted sources, Jack Chester, we have a name for the ensuing phenomena:


That's right folks. Barack Obama and Michael Bloomberg will team up to destroy the world. And by destroy, My Ego means "create." And by create, we mean: Creastroy. His-story has come full circle: the black man re-unites with the Jew to rule the world.

How will it all go down, you (I) ask? Folks, its all underway. Just last week, Bloomberg was dropping hints for what's to come, just read carefully. Hillary is the perfect pawn, set on the verge of single-handedly destroying the Democratic party with her never-ending need for power.

The announcement will arrive on Wednesday, March 5th, soon after Obama crushes Clinton in Texas, Ohio, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Just when it seems the Democratic party is ready to unite behind their chosen leader in Obama, Hillary will clench tighter, fighting the Truth with more lies and double-spoken attacks, forcing the Florida and Michigan delegates to pony up. Just when it seems all hope is lost, the big announcement will be made...

Obama will hand Clinton the Democratic ticket, simply hand it to her with grace and charm to the amazement of all. He will then announce the big move--he's leaving the Democratic race to run as an Independent with Bloomberg.


So much for America to hate, you've got to love em.