Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Life Pro: Mike Huckabee

My Ego doesn't want to get too political, but read this and found it way too funny not to quote in the 'ol blog.

The candidate who not-so-subtly has a white Cross behind him in his latest Iowa Christmas TV commercial, had this to say in the news today:

"The difference between us is that I did something he never had to do. I carried out the death penalty 16 times, more than any other governor in my state's history," Huckabee told reporters in Los Angeles before attending a Beverly Hills fundraiser. "That's hardly soft on crime when you make that tough decision and actually carry it out."

Ok, just to make sure My Ego has this right. The GOP candidate, famous for his Christian values, is ENTHUSIASTICALLY PROUD of the number of PEOPLE HE HAS KILLED.

My GOD Jesus would be SO PROUD of you, Mike! Kill a few million more, and you might be ordained a Saint one day!



Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Intern Economy

The Ecology of the Economy... an interconnected web of systems that shapes and drives the flow of cash at the local, national, and global level. We hear of the impending credit crisis, surging fuel prices, and the financial havoc potential in the face of terror, yet we rarely consider what could be the greatest lynch pin of them all--the final looming thread that, if pulled, could unravel the global economy as we know it.

This thread, my friends: the Intern.

Forget about illegal immigration. Let's talk about illegal internships. Let's talk about full work days for NO PAY whatsoever, lets talk about doing the most unsatisfactory work for little to no return. Lets talk about how the only kids able to first get, then maintain said internships are the one's whose parents are footing the bill for their Murray Hill 2 bedroom. The rich stay rich, while the poor get poorer thanks to our ongoing and ever-expanding dependency on the office intern.

It is for this reason that interns will never unite or unionize... they simply don't need to, cuz daddy will just get them another one... or until Phil from Marketing hangs over the office balcony railing after a few beers and a tequila shot at the holiday office party, thus leaving that coveted position of giggling, IMing fucktard wide open for them to get paid to take on.

Interns beware: your days are numbered. Quietly give the Blackberry back, and walk out the door.



Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Writers: Please End the Strike, For the Sake of My Ego

Look writers, My Ego gets it. You're not getting paid for DVD and online distribution, so you gather together and strike to get what you want. My Ego gets all its media from either iTunes paid downloads, or DVDs. So if anyone knows you deserve your percentage, it's My Ego.

But, Writers, there is a larger problem here, namely, My Ego. See, My Ego gets about 90% of the news from the Daily Show alone, so how the hell is My Ego supposed stay informed on what's going on?

And who is My Ego to turn to when reading the CIA has destroyed more evidence of this administration's wrong-doings?? My Ego needs to be numbed by slick wit of Dr. Jon Stewart, and the Zen-master-like-pointing-out-of-contradiction-through-satire of Professor Colbert.

Writers. Please, for the sake of My Ego, come back to work!!!

Thanks in advance,


Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Holon: Key to the Lock of Or

Its amazing how one word can solve so many complex questions and issues. Such words are the key to unlocking My Ego, and the meta-systems of Integral being-in-the world.

One of the most important key-words of this kind is "holon". Originally coined by Arthur Koestler in 1967, a holon is simultaneously a 'whole' and a 'part', or, a 'whole-part.' Everything is a holon. Thus, there are no wholes, and there are no parts, there are only holons.

For instance, a letter is a 'whole' letter in itself, yet in a greater context, is only a 'part' of a word. Seen through time, which is it? A whole, or a part? That word is a word in itself, yet in a greater context, only a part of a sentence. Sentence to paragraph, paragraph to page, page to chapter, chapter to book-there is no end (and no beginning... only begendings) to the holonic system. Take it down to the molecules in the ink, up to the total of all books ever printed; all holons.

Some say money is the root of all evil. My Ego says "or" is the root of all evil. Well, which is it... 'money' or 'or'?

"Or" is the cold metal shell of the lock that is opened using the key-holon; a lock that when opened show limitless simultaneity and inter-connectedness of all holon systems, all the way Up (heaven), all the way down (hell). Or is the last protector of the Great Western Myth, Dualism. Break the lock of duality with the holon key.

Us or them? This or that? Here or there? Being or Time?

I, or thou?

What would happen if Or was removed from syntax all together?

Us and them. This and that. Here and there. Being and Time.

I and Thou.


Friday, December 7, 2007

time for Time

Dear Friends,

Its been a while, hasn't it?

I hope you are well!



All the Best,


Many thanks!


Till then,