Sunday, December 16, 2007

The Intern Economy

The Ecology of the Economy... an interconnected web of systems that shapes and drives the flow of cash at the local, national, and global level. We hear of the impending credit crisis, surging fuel prices, and the financial havoc potential in the face of terror, yet we rarely consider what could be the greatest lynch pin of them all--the final looming thread that, if pulled, could unravel the global economy as we know it.

This thread, my friends: the Intern.

Forget about illegal immigration. Let's talk about illegal internships. Let's talk about full work days for NO PAY whatsoever, lets talk about doing the most unsatisfactory work for little to no return. Lets talk about how the only kids able to first get, then maintain said internships are the one's whose parents are footing the bill for their Murray Hill 2 bedroom. The rich stay rich, while the poor get poorer thanks to our ongoing and ever-expanding dependency on the office intern.

It is for this reason that interns will never unite or unionize... they simply don't need to, cuz daddy will just get them another one... or until Phil from Marketing hangs over the office balcony railing after a few beers and a tequila shot at the holiday office party, thus leaving that coveted position of giggling, IMing fucktard wide open for them to get paid to take on.

Interns beware: your days are numbered. Quietly give the Blackberry back, and walk out the door.



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