Monday, December 10, 2007

Dear Writers: Please End the Strike, For the Sake of My Ego

Look writers, My Ego gets it. You're not getting paid for DVD and online distribution, so you gather together and strike to get what you want. My Ego gets all its media from either iTunes paid downloads, or DVDs. So if anyone knows you deserve your percentage, it's My Ego.

But, Writers, there is a larger problem here, namely, My Ego. See, My Ego gets about 90% of the news from the Daily Show alone, so how the hell is My Ego supposed stay informed on what's going on?

And who is My Ego to turn to when reading the CIA has destroyed more evidence of this administration's wrong-doings?? My Ego needs to be numbed by slick wit of Dr. Jon Stewart, and the Zen-master-like-pointing-out-of-contradiction-through-satire of Professor Colbert.

Writers. Please, for the sake of My Ego, come back to work!!!

Thanks in advance,


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