Monday, March 9, 2009

Winning is A Losing Strategy

My Ego is competitive... perhaps a bit too competitive at times. And while My Ego certainly loves to win, the end goal is always to grow stronger and wiser as a player.

As described by game theory philosopher James Carse, there are (at least) two types of players: finite players, and the infinite players. The former plays the game to win, the latter plays for the continuance of the game, or, "finite players play within boundaries; infinite players play with boundaries."

When My Ego goes for a game of tennis, My Ego wants the best possible opponent to play with. Doing so greatly raises My Ego's game, helping to take it to the next level, and creating a more intense match, where both sides are playing their best. When watching sports, My Ego rarely roots for one team or another, in favor of seeing a great game. While one player may lose, the crowd wins when the game is played with the utmost talent, respect, and tense competition.

So for My Ego to hear the respected leader of the GOP, Rush Limbaugh, exclaim that he "wishes for Obama to lose," My Ego can only laugh out loud at the utter futility of such a statement, as once again the reductionist, ignorant philosophy-manifest by Rush's "base" proves the Republicans have yet to realize why they lost the election so badly to an inexperienced young bi-racial man. This attitude typifies the "play to win" philosophy of the finite player, the player who will win at any cost... including the cost of the utter downfall of our country.

It's time for an Infinite Republican to STAND UP and TAKE CONTROL of the party, yet playing by the rules of infinite play, or, with the rules. An intelligent, forward thinking Republican who renounces intolerance and hatred in the same breath as providing Integrally-minded, fiscally conservative solutions to the immense problems we face. Yes, Republicans can be Integral, too.

To be clear: My Ego WANTS an amazing Republican to step up and lead the party out of the morass of hate it is currently consumed within. My Ego certainly doesn't want the downfall or failure of the Republicans, rather, for them to play at their highest potential at all times. This way, the crowd--or the world--will win.

What a game it would be!


Monday, March 2, 2009

Are You Even Really Out There

Ok people.

My Ego needs to be FED. Do you even want My Ego here? Is there a point to continue this blog? Rarely are there ever comments (love you Ana), or what My Ego wishes were thoughtful, ongoing meanderings with the blogosphere at large. This takes much of the wind out of My Ego's sails, people.

If you actually care, leave a comment... If you don't, the Ego will be archived soon.

You know how My Ego loves a good ultimatum to motivate.