Sunday, December 9, 2007

The Holon: Key to the Lock of Or

Its amazing how one word can solve so many complex questions and issues. Such words are the key to unlocking My Ego, and the meta-systems of Integral being-in-the world.

One of the most important key-words of this kind is "holon". Originally coined by Arthur Koestler in 1967, a holon is simultaneously a 'whole' and a 'part', or, a 'whole-part.' Everything is a holon. Thus, there are no wholes, and there are no parts, there are only holons.

For instance, a letter is a 'whole' letter in itself, yet in a greater context, is only a 'part' of a word. Seen through time, which is it? A whole, or a part? That word is a word in itself, yet in a greater context, only a part of a sentence. Sentence to paragraph, paragraph to page, page to chapter, chapter to book-there is no end (and no beginning... only begendings) to the holonic system. Take it down to the molecules in the ink, up to the total of all books ever printed; all holons.

Some say money is the root of all evil. My Ego says "or" is the root of all evil. Well, which is it... 'money' or 'or'?

"Or" is the cold metal shell of the lock that is opened using the key-holon; a lock that when opened show limitless simultaneity and inter-connectedness of all holon systems, all the way Up (heaven), all the way down (hell). Or is the last protector of the Great Western Myth, Dualism. Break the lock of duality with the holon key.

Us or them? This or that? Here or there? Being or Time?

I, or thou?

What would happen if Or was removed from syntax all together?

Us and them. This and that. Here and there. Being and Time.

I and Thou.


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