Friday, March 21, 2008

The Race to Hate

Ah yes, friends. It's getting ugly. Long dormant, yet now only beginning to show its face, the long history of racism in America is beginning to shine through the cracks of ignorance that hold this country together.

As the cracks begin to grow wider, the question is starting to nag My Ego: where is all this heading? At what point does hate become violence?

My Ego has yet to hear of this in the media, so why not throw it out there...


Think about it... or, just comb the internet and read comments on YouTube. My Ego has always been aware of how ignorant, unintelligent, and downright arrogant our culture can be, but little has My Ego been aware of the amount of raw HATE exists out there. Suppose that makes My Ego ignorant, eh?

It never ceases to amaze My Ego how quickly people can fall off the logic cliff into the scathing, pre-rational quagmire of hate that is only just beginning to now bubble up. It is clear that there is no way this hate will 'allow' Obama to take the presidency. Whether it's Hillary stealing the superdelegates at the convention, or, dare I say, assassination...

Whatever the scenario they take him out with looks like, we're really going to see just how much hate is out there.

Time to get a gun...


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