Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Theo Watson = Smart

There are a few humans in this world My Ego will outright label 'geniuses'... My Ego has had the pleasure of the years to stumble upon a handful of them. While there are certainly the megalomaniacs of the genre, it must never be forgotten that many, if not most, of said genius' happen to some of the sweetest, must humble and authentic people My Ego has encountered. Perhaps true genius is found in one who is constantly facing the limits of one's knowledge and imagination as juxtaposed against the total sum of all knowledge; the strategic dance within the juxtaposition in turn becomes wisdom.

One such creative force is interactive programmer Theo Watson. Currently out of Amsterdam, Theo combines the forces of techne with the forces of nature, to produce stunning interactive multimedia installations that simultaneous engage one's sense of fun and deeper purpose.

Check out Theo's latest installation, Funky Forest, to see genius manifest.



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