Friday, November 23, 2007

The Doctor Story, Then and Now

When My Ego was a little developing Ego, Dad used to tell this story any time My Little Ego would complain about a physical problem.

He'd say, "When I was your age, I went to the doctor, and I said, 'Doc, every time I raise my arm up like this, it hurts!'" The doctor then said, "So don't raise your arm up!" That was the end of the story.

My Ego went to the doctor this week, and said, "Doc, every time I raise my arm up like this, it hurts!" The doctor then said, "Here is a prescription for some pain killers for your arm, and one for anti-depressants until you get over the trauma of it."

Happy Thanksgiving,



Ana Calzada said...

Hahahaa, I smiled with that. In my case it was:"doc, it hurts every time I push my shoulder with my finger". and he replied "Don't push!". Traditional spanish joke.

It's incredible how everything changes so fast, ein?


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