Thursday, November 15, 2007

Fear of the Unknown: Improvisation and the Indie Scene

My Ego went to see one of My Ego's favorite band, Broken Social Scene, at Webster Hall last night. The show was solid, but lacked something that My Ego finds lacking in just about every 'indie' or 'hipster'-related scene: improvisation.

Improvisation is the bedrock of American music, if not the genesis (and end goal) of music itself; to part the Curtain to let rays of light through by teasing it with the dance of vibrations in the air. To My Ego, musicians must have this goal at the forefront of his or her intentions--be it dark, fast, melodic, rhythmic, skillful, soulful--parting the Curtain is the Ultimate release, the very essence and purpose of music.

It seems as though a fear of the Unknown is at play here... Fear of messing up, hitting the wrong note. Fear of being boring, 'wanky,' or too 'noodly.' fear of being associated with certain relics of the past that don't agree with a particular current culture. Denying improvisation for the sake of a scene is simply absurd. Even a band like Broken Social Scene, who My Ego feels a more likely candidate for extend improvisational segments of a set, seemed to lack the fire of improvisation, and the spirit of the Moment.

So, you might end up reviewed here. Oh, and this band certainly didn't complain about playing to a crowd who appreciates improvisation. If only they'd (actually) stretch it out here and there.

To sum it up, Indie folk: please, for the sake of My Ego, will you just jam???


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