Monday, November 26, 2007

From My Ego's Poetry Archive

My Ego has been researching Keats' Negative Capability theory, which in essence is that truth, beauty, and goodness manifest themselves when one is 'standing in duality', or 'being in uncertainties.' Another interesting synonym is liminality. Negative Capability is the ability for a human to attain a stage of being-action that allows for the simultaneity of multiple perspectives to mutually co-exist.

This concept reminded My Ego of a poem written back in the college years, that My Ego will now share with you. Why? Because its My Ego. Enjoy, ~mIe

Lost, Ever-Binding

The See is deep here.
Real Me in

Standing in the undertow
is my only true love.

drown wishing you were there
as if you’re already

A ship on the Horizon
to those lounging on the beach
waves crash to the rhythm
hearts dance to the rhythm
drums beat to the rhythm
feet swing to the rhythm

rhythm moves to what.

Found, Ever-Loosing


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