Friday, May 9, 2008

Why the Wait?

Hi Hillary-

How are you? How's it going? Seems to me you're awfully patient... What are you waiting for, exactly? At what point is it you plan to drop out of the race?

Pertinent questions indeed, folks. Yet what really is she waiting for?

Call My Ego crazy, but it seems there is a new answer emerging in My Ego's Ego. What if, just what if, she is waiting for someone to take out her opponent? When My Ego says "take out," My Ego does not speak of Chinese food.

Surely as this thing progresses, those very same working-class white folk that Mrs. Clinton so adores are increasingly liable to take destiny into their own hands, and rid the world of this dark-skinned, big-eared nuisance that is stealing all the attention. The sad thing is, My Ego wouldn't put it past her.

So, Mrs. Clinton... just how low will you go??


1 comment:

shea said...

hey nyc ego,

i started off laughing like, hilarious, i have written this letter all too often in my head these days, wondering, when will Hilary be strong enough to step down?

yours is much funnier version though, in my head or in conversation, its usually an uneasy, like when, when, when?

then the tone of your letter changed and I got this sinking feeling in my the seriousness of what you imply......

a strong leader has emerged.

there is reason to fear, but is it fear we listen to most strongly than hope?

shit, i have to pack and can't go on and on about this,

I believe the truth will triumph.

it always does. even in these dark times.