Monday, March 2, 2009

Are You Even Really Out There

Ok people.

My Ego needs to be FED. Do you even want My Ego here? Is there a point to continue this blog? Rarely are there ever comments (love you Ana), or what My Ego wishes were thoughtful, ongoing meanderings with the blogosphere at large. This takes much of the wind out of My Ego's sails, people.

If you actually care, leave a comment... If you don't, the Ego will be archived soon.

You know how My Ego loves a good ultimatum to motivate.



Anonymous said...

shux a zula....dont give up or in...stay inflated and overbearing! i have you in my rss feeds btw... i should comment more, thats my egos bad :( but im am very entertained by your ego :)

EatPlayLove said...

Dear Ego
Communities don't appear they are created, grown, & nurtured. Throw Lijit up on your blog and get a sense of who's coming but not sharing. Start spreading the love on blogs you regularly read. Email me if you want some insight.

Don't give it up, feed it. -d

Read My Ego said...

Two comments? Just what My Ego is talking about. I'd be writing every day if people actually read and interacted.

My Ego is on it's deathbed...

Ana Calzada said...

don't be so EGO and remember there is a hundred people that read for each one that post. And it doesn't mean that you're alone!
Stay with us!!!!!

Read My Ego said...

My Ego thinks the problem is, not enough EGO!