Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Where is the Meta-Media Channel?

My Ego is enjoying some coffee and cereal, with a tangerine soon to come. CNN buzzes in the background, as seems to be the normal morning routine now that My Ego has cable--for better or worse.

A particular story caught My Ego's eye, the concept of which seems to be a recurring theme across the news networks. This theme: covering the media's a/effects on our culture. In this case, the "media" is covering the effects of the media's influence on the Obama girls.

If My Ego had many millions of dollars, My Ego would most certainly launch the Meta-Media channel, which, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, would cover the effects the media has on the media in covering the media's effects on culture. It would be something of a constant Daily Show, but without the humor--at least not purposeful humor.

The vision is a real-time "media literacy" channel that takes each worthy story, and shows how each relevant major and indie media outlet filters the story, and focuses on the difference between them.



EatPlayLove said...

your ego would do one hell of a job launching the channel and it would be on in the background while I was serving up oatmeal and toast, with a side of tea.

Read My Ego said...

woa. Had no idea people actually Read My Ego. Thanks for the comment. Someday we'll get the meta-media channel launched.