Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Why the "I" in pIece?

A few fellow Egos have asked My Ego what the capital "I" is to represent in the pIece Now post. My Ego tries to not reveal such hidden meanings, allow readers to grapple with the meaning of meanings. While the interpretations that each reader may project onto My Ego's intended meaning also hold true, My Ego certainly can explain My Ego's Ego.

In all the shards of glass, I is (t)here. I, friends, is you is I. No matter your political slant, skin color, gender, sexual orientation, love of hate or Rick Warren--the broken glass at our feet is a mess we are all responsible for. To place blame at this point would be to fundamentally misinterpret time's ever-present unfolding, Now.

There is no other way to create the Integral stained glass mosaic without first seeing I in every pIece, taking responsibility for each, and finding the most effective and efficient means of gluing them together.

I is in every pIece.*

*Please don't confuse I with My Ego. They [are/not] the same.

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