Saturday, September 13, 2008

Hollywood Script Brief: Hockey Mom

Feature Film Brief
by My Ego

Hockey Mom

In a world dominated by men in power, the unthinkable becomes a reality after a bat-shit crazy old Vietnam POW survivor makes a brash, politically dazzling move by bringing a self proclaimed "Hockey Mom" PTA leader onto his presidential ticket as VP.

Small town hockey moms rejoice, while the incredibly condescending, clueless mom of 5 solicits health care advice from her pregnant 17 year old daughter. She consults her fisherman-husband, who's boat trolls the seas east of Russia, for foreign policy advice as Putin lines up nuclear missiles along the Poland border. American Idol winners are installed in cabinet positions, while America's Biggest Loser 2008 becomes head of the FDA.

Meanwhile, the Democratic candidate and now jailed traitor, Senator Muhammad Osama Ahmadinejad looks on from his Guantanimo jail cell in peril as Hockey Mom is foreced to make the ultimate decision of all: whether to have her youngest daughter, now 11, abort the incestual love-child born out of wedlock with her Downs Syndrom boy, age 7.


EatPlayLove said...

I am assuming this is not a comedy, but a drama correct? Oh I think it would be pivotal to point out that it was indeed Hockey Mom's Hubby that saw (with binoculars of course) the Russians bringing in the missiles.

Anonymous said...

I find it important to add that said mother is a Hockey Mom and not a Soccer Mom because of Alaska's proximity to Canada. That is all.

Read My Ego said...

Beaten to the punch!!! DAMN IT!!!